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Chris Carter
May 17, 2023
In Motorcycle Events
Hey Denver area rider and future riders My name is Chris and I'm working for the MSF to plan a free RIDE Day on May 26th 4-8 pm at the Motorcycle Rider Training Center in Lakewood, CO. This event will have a skills check course for you to practice on your own bike with some tips and tricks from MSF RiderCoaches. We will also have a Moto Into course for those of you that have not yet learned to ride where you will learn some of the basics of riding from MSF RiderCoaches to decide if you like riding without committing to a full course. We will have training bikes and all the gear you will need, we only ask that you bring over the ankle shoes. We will be raffling off a free advanced course for riders who already know how to ride and a basic course for someone who wants to learn how to ride and get their endorsement. The event is totally free and the only goal is to provide some practice for new and future riders!
Chris Carter
Jan 03, 2023
In Blog Posts
Hi Riders, I'm jumping on the bandwagon that Jon started and offering up my services to help out any new riders any way I can. I am a certified MSF RiderCoach out of Denver, CO. I've been riding over 20 years and have ridden most styles of bikes at one time or another. These days when I'm not teaching you'll usually find me adventure riding out in the mountains or camping off my bike. Riding is one of my passions, and the only reason I teach is because I enjoy sharing that passion with others and watching them fall in love with it! So send your questions my way, especially if they pertain to Colorado. Chris
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Chris Carter

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