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Hello! I am Sherlie. I have been on bikes since i was old enough to ride. I started on my own bike at 15, got my first street bike at 16, 2003 Kawasaki EX500. After graduation i headed off the Las Vegas for culinary school and moved in with my sister who refused to let my bike come to Vegas, and my dad didnt want to store a bike that wasnt getting used so we sold it. Spent 6 yrs in Vegas and Moved to oregon in 2011. I hadn't riden in 16 years ut i missed it so much and never had the money to get another bike. Recently we lost my mom to dementia adn it brought some of my family back together. Before my mom passed my brother had started riding and after my dad decided i needed to be back on 2 wheels, so he found me a bike. I know ride a Yamaha FZ6 named Mystiq.

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