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I haven’t rode in 30 years. A buddy of mine got back into riding and he got a Street Glide and a used Chopper. He had this Honda Shadow in his garage and asked me if I wanted it. He took it to a local mechanic had it serviced and gave it to me. I started getting used to riding again and did some mods on the bike that I liked. I have only had it for about 7 months and I wouldn’t trade, sell or give it up for the world. See, I lost my son to PTSD January 2022 and it was a tough year. My friend knew exactly what I needed. This has been the best therapy for me. Being on the open road, riding in nature and not just through it has turned my whole life around. The best part is that my wife loves riding on it as much as I do. We love to go to bike nights, runs and the evening ride after work. To top it off we attended Biketoberfest in Daytona this year and had an great time. It's been an awesome experience and looking forward to many more rides.


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